The "E" stands for elegant, dahling! At my
age, I tend to look like Walter Matthau in
drag if the lighting isn't good, so putting
myself together for an evening out could
take as long as an hour and a half. If you're
coming to pick me up for a date, bring a
good book to read while you wait. "War
And Peace" would be nice.

If you can do it in front of or behind a
camera, any kind of camera, I’ve probably
done it, in a career that stretches from
Ektachrome, Microdol and Dektol to
histograms and adjustment layers, from
16mm MoPic to BetaSP to digital
camcorders, from pipe-and-drape to digital
virtual reality. I’ve been a writer, reporter,
editor, news anchor, producer/director,
commercial producer, all-night-radio DJ,
combat photographer, freelance video
producer, fashion photographer…and one
of these days, I swear I’m going to break
down and find an honest job. No, really!

I knew I was just a little “different” from
around age 5, far too young to understand
exactly why people got so upset when I
seemed to prefer my sister’s dresses to
my Official Davy Crockett coonskin hat.
While my childhood friends played Space
Rangers out to rescue the Interplanetary
Princess from the Venoblian space
aliens…I just wanted to be the princess.

I never experienced any of the guilt or
angst that troubled so many others. I
simply learned early on to keep it to
myself. After high school, I spent 15 years
trying to be a regular guy. Obviously, it
didn't work.

I was married for several years to a
supportive and understanding wife, but
she passed away just as we were starting
to get involved with the support groups.
After her death, I became heavily involved
with the gender community, starting
around 1985, first with Tri-Ess, then IFGE,
GCTGA, Renaissance, the whole alphabet
soup of groups. I served for a couple
years on the first Tri-Ess national Board of
Directors, and a bunch of IFGE
committees. I was a regular at Holiday En
Femme, Coming Together, Be All,
Fantasia…did one of the first Southern
Comforts. At one point, I think I was paying
dues to almost a dozen clubs or support
groups around the country. I was on the
road 15-20 weekends a year to one event
or another. I lost count of the talk shows
and college lectures and newspaper
interviews that we did in those days. But
for a couple of years there in the late
Eighties, we were a pretty hot item on the
television talk shows. I did many of them,
and a lot of radio talk shows, and
university lectures, even did a little
lecture on GLBT issues at a police
academy!) And remember, this was a time
when there were places where a girl could
actually get arrested simply for going out
in public wearing a dress. (And I was, once
or twice. I'm a hardened criminal!) I got so
good at packing that I could actually pack
for a 3-day en femme trip in less than 4

After about 6 years of that, I was simply
burned out, used up, tired of the politics
and queen bees and the empire builders
and the trannier-than-thou's, and around
1992 I just walked away from it all to get
back to making a living. Donna never went
away; she just quit all that insane
traveling. Be All 2010 was the first event I’
d been to in about 18 years.

More recently, I lived for several years
with a woman who preferred me (Donna)
to my evil twin (him) and who enjoyed
photography as much as I did. We often
went out for the day for no other reason
than to get snapshots of each other. After
she passed away a few years ago, I started
spending more time doing studio work. It
gives me a chance to try more creative
digital things. My living room actually turns
into a more-than-adequate studio.

These days I work three days a week as a
male impersonator. I’m not able to travel
very much any more, once or twice a year
at most…so it comes down to Southern
Comfort in the fall and a skiing trip in the
winter (I raced in college, and I
occasionally succumb to the need to go
really fast.) No question about it -- I'm just
a snow bunny at heart. I'm living in the
semi-tropics these days, and day at the
beach is great, or a weekend at the lake
with the girls. But given my druthers, I'd
ruther spend a week in the mountains
skiing my buns off! There's nothing more
romantic than strolling through the village
on a cold, snowy night, hearing the snow
squeak under your boots and watching the
snowflakes floating through the pools of
light from the streetlamps. Or sitting in
front of the fireplace listening to the fire
while Mother Nature dumps a foot of fresh
for the powder hounds. I'm a hopeless
romantic. Besides, I can't wear my furs at
the beach.

I'm just a quiet, intelligent, educated old
queen with a taste for fine wines, stretch
limos, elegant dinners, cuddling by
candlelight, and old-fashioned romance...
trying to maintain a champagne lifestyle on
a beer budget...a sexy old granny, not
opposed to a sincere LTR with the right

I’ve used up my quota of words for now.
Anyone who'd like to know more about me
will just have to wait for the Barbara
Walters Special.